date January 26th
location Amsterdam

Don’t miss out on the biggest New Years drinks of the year! What started as a small gathering of people at a local bar in Amsterdam, turned into a gala for 400 people of the Affiliate Industry.
We believe in the power of networking, having fun while you work and doing things you will remember forever..

In this light, we bring to you The Great Affiliate Ball. A first of its kind, an event so special, so magnificent it surely set to mark the beginning of a new era. This party is not going to be a regular party, The Great Affiliate Ball is going to be one crazy experience. Go all in at the Jazz Casino Lounge, pop bottles champagne downstairs at the main stage while showing of your slick dance moves or try to find the secret Speakeasy room with a little surprise.
Expect everyone to be there, expect adventure, expect madness.. We’ll see you the 26th!

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