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Community collaborations

Surrounding yourself by your peers is important to be successful. A community with like minded marketers will help your propel faster in your niche.

Real time knowledge

Old news get pushed up and eventually disappear. Conversations keep things current and up-to-date with todays marketing changes.

Free access, instant access

Our slack community is free, but heavily monitored. We have active media and online marketers providing value.

Campaign criticism

Feeling stuck with your campaigns? Post your questions and get feedback from others running the sam traffic source.

What other marketers are saying...

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ZeroPark, Head of Marketing

“I like the fact that Affiliate Business Chat is a Slack-based community. If Slack is a tool you already use on a daily basis, checking on the group is instant and seamless. From Zeropark’s perspective, ADvengers Online is a great bridge between us and the community, and we’ve already helped out dozens of members.”

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Affiliate Blogger at

“It’s hard to find an active performance marketing community these days. Somewhere you can find members who are getting things done and are running campaigns. Affiliate Business Chat is one of those communities and is my goto place for learning strategies that help you make money!”

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Owner of Subscribe Funnels

“Affiliate Business Chat is an awesome group of marketers that all want to share their experiences. Great place to meet some friends from all over. Will be great to see these guys at the conferences. Can’t wait to keep learning from this group!”

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Owner of Stacked Marketer

“Affiliate Business Chat is a friendly community for affiliates to talk about all things industry-related. I like how it’s easy to access in my usual Slack app and has the same communication flow I’m used to already. Worth checking out if you are an affiliate!”

Frequently asked questions

I am already part of a Forum, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups! Why Slack?

Online media is noisy. Yesterday’s strategies do not work, and new rules are always being implemented.

Slack allows the proper aggregation of conversation in a seamless flow of information. A structured conversation of strategies to make sure you get the right media buying strategies. Slack also removes old conversations. This is useful because we do not want to conflict old strategies with new. Marketing is always changing and so does algorithms and strategies.

How much is Affiliate Business Chat?

Affiliate Business Chat is free, you will get an email to confirm your invite. 

Is there a desktop and mobile version of Affiliate Business Chat?

Yes, you can download either a desktop or mobile version here


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