Blockonomics is a bitcoin payment service that lets you accept and track bitcoin payments. 

Blockonomics offers two main services to its users:

  1. Accepting Bitcoin Payments
  2. Tracking Bitcoin Payments

Accepting Bitcoin Payments 

Payment Gateways:
A bitcoin payment gateway allows online merchants to accept bitcoin payments on their website. Bitcoin Payment gateways are available in the form of plugins for a variety of online stores, namely, WooCommerce (WordPress), WHMCS, PrestaShop, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), OpenCart, Joomla/VirtueMart, Payment API (can be used on a custom web-shop)

Payment Links/Buttons: Payment Links are URL’s users can share easily with anyone online to receive payments. It is one of the easiest forms of payment gateway that anyone can use, its biggest benefit being its shareability.

Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Invoice: P2P invoice allows users to send bitcoin invoices to their clients and receive payments to their bitcoin wallet.

Tracking Bitcoin Payments

Block Explorer: Using this feature, users can track their bitcoin transactions on the blockchain. Users can track Transaction ID, Hash, xPub, Address(es)

BTC Transaction Notification email:This feature allows users to track their bitcoin transactions for a particular wallet (xPub key) and receive email updates for any and all transactions made on that wallet.

Wallet Watcher: Wallet Watcher offers a host of services to its users, including, Address Watcher, TxFee Score, Upgrade, Referrals

Affiliate Program

They offer an attractive affiliate program that lets you earn a 30% commission on the fees paid by your referred customer to Blockonomics.

For instance, let’s say one of your referred merchants receives $10,000 in payments.

  • Fees paid to Blockonomics = $100 (1% of total payments received)
  • Your referral commission = $30 (30% of fees paid to Blockonomics)

Which means that you stand a chance to earn a recurring passive income from every referred merchant that uses the service.

Find out more about the Blockonomics Affiliate Program here.

Blockonomics Salient Features:

  1. No Middleman: All the payments made are directly sent to the wallet of your choice.
  2. No KYC/AML: Unlike most payment gateways, Blockonomics does not require its users to submit identity documents thus safeguarding their privacy.
  3. Installation takes 2 minutes: The whole process to install the plugin is very simple and straightforward. 
  4. Complete checkout happens on the same website: With Blockonomics the whole process takes place on your website adding an additional layer of security.
  5. Altcoin Support: In addition to Bitcoin, the plugin supports the option to pay with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH).
  6. All major bitcoin wallets supported: The plugin supports all major soft and hard bitcoin wallets including, Ledger, Trezor, MyCelium, Exodus, blockchain, etc.
  7. Supports bitcoin-to-fiat conversion: This is a rare feature that most plugins do not yet offer. Through their fiat conversion integration you can easily convert your bitcoin into any fiat currency thus saving yourself from the infamous price fluctuations.
  8. Segwit compatible
  9. Secure and safeguarded transactions


Blockonomics has a mix of Free and Paid services. 

Free: Bitcoin p2p invoice, block explorer, wallet watcher, BTC transaction notification e-mail

Paid: Plugins and Payment Buttons. The first 10 transactions are free, after which the fee is 1% per transaction. You have to make this payment by adding a credit balance to your account. A 30 day grace period is offered in case the account falls low on the credit balance.


The plugin offers 24X7 support across various channels including, reddit, support tickets, and online chat. Plus, there are tons of support articles and videos that are published regularly to help customers.

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