What is Audience 2.0 New Retargeting Toolbox and what difference does it make? 

The keywords are specific and customized. Audience 2.0 basically aims to reach and engage audiences on a personalized level. You get to pique the interest of a more specific audience that is well fitted to your business’ needs or demands. 

How does it work?

There are various methods to run this strategy.  The approach differs but the endpoint is just the same- to capture the market’s attention and interest. 

#1. Click-based

Normally if people find something interesting, they click on it and wait to be redirected to 

where they can get more in-depth information on a subject. Then, the dilly-dallying comes in because they need time to think things through. But this method itself is enough to consider that you have that certain magic. This is synonymous with clickbait.

#2. Engaged visits

So, they clicked and were redirected, what’s next?  They engage because since they clicked which is a precursor that perhaps there’s something more to get from the initial page, they move to the pre-landing or the landing page. Yey, you now have an engagement.

#3. Conversion

You’ve got them hooked from the bait to the engagement. You’re almost there. This is the stage wherein your engagements are being converted from leads to deals. These are actual turnovers. “Show me the money” is underway.

#4. Retargeting Pixel

This may be an old method but it has proven to be an effective and trusted one. It isn’t specific but it reaches audiences, just the same. 

Now that you know how retargeting works, you might be wondering, “ What good will I get from it?” “Do I need it”?


You need traction, retargeting will give you just that. Ever heard of segmentation? How do you pick a needle in a pool of sand? You filter to sort them out, right. That is the sole purpose of retargeting. It allows you to be acquainted with the right audience.  Being able to capture the right audience means so much for your business because you get to maximize the returns. 

In the recent test drive conducted to gauge the effectiveness of Audience 2.0, results show how retargeting was able to get traction of a more specific market or audience. The strategy used was fully optimized to reach a wider yet targeted scope. 

Audience 2.0 has proven to be an effective vessel in creating a customized line of viewers.

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