Welcome to Admolly – the affiliate platform offering the most exciting, engaging, and fastest-growing sites in the casual flirt vertical. Admolly is the performance network, created for dating advertisers, where they can benefit from both in-house and exclusive labels.  

10+ markets, 60+ dating brands, two payment models, and over 700 Partners who trust  Admolly! Did that catch your attention?! Good! Then keep reading… 

Founded in 2018 by industry experts, Admolly has focused exclusively on the dating vertical since its inception, emerging as the industry leader in this space. They currently serve over ten Tier 1 markets and are constantly releasing new labels every quarter.

With two payment methods available, their partners can choose whichever business model suits them best:  Revshare or CPL. What’s more, Admolly offers flexible payments, giving their partners a  choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. All offers are developed, tested, &  optimized in-house, ensuring the best conversion rates and highest EPC in the industry.

For their most trusted affiliates, there is even the possibility of launching their own white-label offers! 

Going further, Admolly provides professional help from its dedicated team of account managers, with years of collective experience and industry expertise to rely upon. Together,  they help Partners optimize campaigns and grow as affiliates!

Admolly is constantly working to improve its services and knows how important those are to its Partners’ success. They provide regular feedback to their Partners regarding their performance and are always available to help optimize their buying strategies and maximize ROI! 

To ensure they are providing a stream of high-quality traffic to their websites, Admolly performs regular and detailed checks for bot traffic and any other suspicious activity.

Helping identify bad sources of traffic has become one of their top priorities. Likewise, their analysts are constantly monitoring the quality of their incoming traffic, and looking for opportunities to help their Partners scale up their campaigns. Using automation and a rigorous approach to analytics, they are able to maintain the highest standards of partnership necessary to scale their cooperation. 

Sounds interesting? Stop wasting time and money with offers that are brokered and start 

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