Adthorized based in Barcelona has been around since 2019 and is a performance network focused 100% on dating. They offer over 4500+ dating offers in GEOS worldwide. Both In-house offers in the US, UK, IT, PL, DE as direct and exclusive offers from other advertisers.

Besides that, they offer a SmartLink solution for those affiliates who simply want the highest EPC on their traffic, without the hassle of optimizing the traffic themselves. Adthorized offers mainstream and adult dating smart links depending on your needs. Their internal algorithm redirects the traffic to the best available offers based on previous data from device, browser, geo, carrier, connection type, etc.


Adthorized can monetize any traffic source for you, back button, pop-under, email, banner, push, SMS traffic, and others.


Join Adthorized now if you are looking to monetize your dating traffic and get access to their exclusive dating offers.

This month they have a SPECIAL WELCOME BONUS of $300 which will be added to your first payment.


Adthorized has excellent support and always tries to find the best offers based on the needs of the affiliate. If they don’t have the offer that you are looking for, then they will go out and get it for you. Adthorized can give support in several languages English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, and Dutch.


Adthorized supports several payment methods like Paxum, Paypal, and Wire


The threshold is just $250 and depending on your needs, they could pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 



Benefits of working with Adthorized

– Exclusive dating offers

– Flexible payments terms

– Vast portfolio of WW dating offers both Adult and Mainstream

– Efficient dating SmartLink

– Quality 24/7 customer support


Promoting Adthorized is really a no brainer 🙂 and without a doubt the one-stop shop for every dating affiliate.

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