The Internet is the primary resource for people to read about different products or services. Reviews have become an essential part of people’s life and we all do research, gather information and compare before buying or purchasing. This makes the review site market extremely interesting for the affiliate marketer.

When you find the right niche, it is very possible to generate a stable stream of income through affiliate marketing in a relatively short time. Affiliate networks offer all kinds of services to promote, from car rentals to dating sites. But there is a catch. Your site has to be in top shape to challenge the competition.

What exactly is a review site?

Everyone knows and uses review sites, but what exactly does it mean? You can roughly speak of two different types. You have the editorial review sites. This concerns an extensive test and review of a service or product most of the time by the company that manages the review site itself. And you have consumer review sites. The latter concerns the people who have gained experiences themselves and want to share this on a review site. Of course, the one does not exclude the other and it can also be a combination of both.

Advantages of review sites

Review sites have great advantages. The biggest advantage of a review website is that you as the site owner can generate passive income. Once the site is up and running, a steady revenue stream is created. But the benefits aren’t just about making money. You can work on the sites whenever it suits you. All it takes is an internet connection. There are plenty of digital nomads traveling the world, maintaining their sites on a beach in Malaysia!

Building a review site

Creating a review site from scratch is not for most people. Most entrepreneurs cannot code and when creating a website, something like WordPress is often used. With its plugin system, WordPress has its advantages, but in essence it is made to build general websites and blogs. The strength of WordPress is that you can create all kinds of websites, but this is also its weakness. By default, you will always have too many functions that you are not going to use and you will always notice that there are missing functions that you want to use.

To create a great review site with WordPress, you need a lot of plugins or you need to be able to code yourself. The plethora of useless features and adding plugins will result in a slow and code heavy site. Google doesn’t like this at all, which means that you will have to catch up with your competition who don’t use WordPress, not because of the content of the site, but because of the structure of the site.

The right software

However, with the right software it will be very easy. ReviewTycoon is developed for the sole purpose of creating review sites. When you use ReviewTycoon you have the right framework and the right functions. Your sites will be fully hosted, SEO friendly and multilingual. Now you can invest your time in what really counts and that is getting customers or visitors to your review site. 

Setting up your site will just take a few minutes. Just pick the niche that you think will be successful and start generating reviews for the services that belong to that specific branch. Everything is possible, from credit card companies to airport parking.

Get started and collect the high quality leads today!

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