Choosing the right Shopify affiliate app for your business is quite a challenge. With over 60 apps in this seemingly narrow category, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and settle for an app that turns out to be not a perfect choice for your business. After all, testing multiple apps is time-consuming and switching between different apps is also a burden after you launch your affiliate marketing program. Then which app to choose to avoid wasted time? 

GrowthHero entered the Shopify App Store in late 2019 when a quality affiliate app was hard to find, never mind a solid app with affordable pricing. The team behind GrowthHero decided to challenge this market with a modern, easy-to-use app that doesn’t drain users’ budgets. Now, GrowthHero powers affiliate & referral marketing programs of over 1000 Shopify stores of all sizes, and their Shopify affiliate app has over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.9/5. Let’s have a look at the app and what makes it stand out from this crowded category. 

What you can do with GrowthHero:

While GrowthHero offers a set of features for the most advanced affiliate marketers, it does not forget about beginners who want to explore this channel. They will appreciate the automated onboarding process and a program launch checklists which informs users what they should set to start their program. 

Launching a basic affiliate marketing program takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is to set commissions (% of the order value or fixed amount), customize your affiliate registration page (even simply adding your logo and customizing colors helps increase conversion rates), and inform your audience about the program so they start signing up (add a link in your website footer and post information on your social accounts).

However, what many users appreciate about GrowthHero is the flexibility of the app and what additional features it offers. For example, it supports multi-level marketing programs so affiliates can earn commissions from orders placed by customers of affiliates they attract. Also, the entire affiliate portal can be customized, including translating.

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of launching an affiliate program is acquiring and keeping affiliates. GrowthHero helps with both aspects. 

First, you can add a post-purchase modal to your store to convert new customers into brand ambassadors. Right after they complete the purchase, they are invited to join the program and earn commissions from orders they generate. 

GrowthHero also makes it easy to embed an affiliate portal in your store domain. Thanks to that, it looks like an integral part of your website, which helps secure high conversion rates. 

Second, GrowthHero gives you the ability to upload marketing resources for affiliate partners to make it easier for them to promote your store. Be it images, templates of reviews, or text messages – anything that can help affiliates promote your brand. 

Another useful feature that helps keep affiliates engaged is campaigns. They enable you to reward affiliates for performing certain actions, like publishing video reviews or articles. Thanks to that, you can engage affiliates in your wider marketing strategy. Don’t worry, you can choose to manually review all submissions so you don’t end up paying for all actions but only those that meet your requirements. If you’re looking into trying out campaigns, make sure to set deadlines for submissions to boost affiliates’ motivation. 

GrowthHero offers partner tiers to motivate affiliates to sell more. Using tiers, you can set higher commissions or rewards for partners who reach certain thresholds of orders referred to your store. 

The GrowthHero team also made sure to provide an analytical dashboard to track the results of campaigns. There, users can see the performance of their affiliate programs – how much traffic and orders their partners generate, and what’s the value of affiliate orders. It helps to spot bottlenecks that limit the performance of programs. 

GrowthHero offers a free 14-day trial so you can test the app with no risk and plug it into your store. 

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