Today 90% of our media consumption occurs in front of a screen. So, mobile marketing has become the number one component of business marketing practices. Halawa GmbH, digital marketing agency and AdTech, has become the top choice for professional marketers and growing businesses. CEO and founder, Husam Eyadat, reveals what his company is aiming for and what clients may expect. 

We know: Every beginning is hard and without hard work, the path from idea to successful start-up rarely succeeds. Halawa, however, has shown that the need for customized marketing strategies, campaigns and app development for small-to-medium businesses (SMB) can become a success story.

From its foundation in 2017, the company has continued to grow, been able to establish its office in Berlin, and delivered more than 5 million installs for its clients in 2020. Besides its in-house technology and its own Facebook and Google media buying team, Halawa utilizes the last known technologies to develop mobile marketing solutions and optimize lead generation. 

“Our growth shows how great the demand for external partners has become. Together we can reduce costs, improve process efficiency, increase automation, and provide strong and dynamic campaigns that meet the client’s ROI target and cost objectives.” – Husam Eyadat, CEO and Founder of Halawa GmbH. 

Focus on high-value markets and industry-leading partners

Halawa’s presence in core markets such as Europe and the Middle East as well as its high-quality network are reasons to expect an above-average performance and return on running ads. As part of the campaign process, the digital marketing agency refers to specific optimization possibilities, leveraging market research techniques and useful insights into user demographics.

To track lead generation and conversion, Halawa uses the mobile tracking software by Adjust, the industry leader in mobile measurement, fraud prevention, and cybersecurity. It is perfect for travel, gaming, music, finance, and eCommerce industries requesting relatively low volumes. By further partnering with AppsFlyer, Halawa is offered valuable insights into user data and receives an in-depth understanding of user behavior and preferences – important pillars in order to customize solutions that meet particular client needs.

An optimistic outlook towards the future 

Despite a challenging year impacted by COVID-19, we have been able to draw a positive balance for 2020 and look to the future with confidence: With a record volume app installs, new customers and new employees, we are convinced that we are moving ever closer to our vision: To be the most effective digital marketing agency that is recognized by our clients for growing their mobile business and providing remarkable results.

Whether you want to grow with Facebook ads, Google Ads or any other paid advertising platforms, Halawa is your most reliable partner on your journey to success.

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