Smartlink is a very popular way of traffic monetization in the affiliate world. You’ll get access to a large pool of offers and geos which improve your performance and help to get maximum from your traffic.

When we usually talk about the SmartLink, the name which comes about is iMonetizeIt – one of the first affiliate networks that launch Smart monetization of the traffic. Their own IMI Smart Technology helps to monetize all available traffic for the last drop mostly from every country in the world.

While working with iMonetizeIt you can choose from the following two partnership models (or even work both ways if you want):

1) Grab one (or many) of our vertical-specific smartlinks – let the platform do the best possible job for you and make your traffic monetization fast and simple. Also, a smartlink is the best way to monetize Social traffic.

2) Run specific offers via our CPA Marketplace – pick and choose CPA/CPL/CPS offers with the highest payouts from direct advertisers (including plenty of exclusives) that work best for you.

iMonetizeIt usually associates with dating offers, but they have a  selection of other popular verticals that are supported by their smartlinks.

All of the verticals mentioned above are available in different conversions flows, it includes CPL, CPA, Mobile content, CPS, etc.

Another feature of iMonetizeIt dating smartlinks is specific sub-vertical, which will help to grow income and work with areas other networks don’t work with:

Recently iMonetizeIt offers special payouts on Games vertical. Depending on the card balance of user, you’ll get different payouts:

Sale – $22-80

1$ on the card – $8-20

0 $ on the card – $0.8-6.4

Regarding the traffic sources here you get wide opportunities as iMonetizeIt accepts apps, social, search, native, banner, email, and push traffic.

Besides the well-known smartlinks you can also work with more than 6,000 CPA offers and 200+ countries available. 

For convenience, all partners get the opportunity to use tracker for free, this is one more added bonus you’ll get working with iMonetizeIt.

You can also try some advanced features like:

Some words about registration on the platform. Before start you’ll need to fill the registration form here. Soon (usually up to 48 hours) one of the friendly managers will contact you and ask you several questions. Usually managers ask about the experience, statistics and work with other platforms. It is worth noting that iMonetizeIt accepts experienced affiliates only, so before start be sure you have enough information to get approved.

For the convenience of users iMonetizeIt also provided browser extension and Telegram bot. More details you can read here:
Browser Extension: 

Telegram Bot:

Advantages you will get working with  iMonetizeIt:

– Opportunity to get high payouts and exclusive offers;

– The highest eCPM/EPC attainable for your traffic;

– Global offer coverage – we accept 200+ GEOs, all devices and platforms;

– Reliable payments ON TIME (Net-7, net-15, net-30) via Wire/Paxum/Webmoney/BTC/Capitalist;

– Access to accurate real-time stats and converting creatives/pre-tested funnels;

– Personal Account Manager who is professional, helpful and responsive;

– Free Tracker

If you find that iMonetizeIt is the best platform for your traffic you are welcome to sign up here.

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