Introducing Olha from CMaffiliates!

Hey, first of all, tell us a bit about yourself so the audience knows more about who you are?

Hey Akie, thanks for having me here today, and hey everyone I’m very glad to have a chance to greet you. I’m going to cut to the point so you folks have a better understanding of who I am and what my experience is.

Without exaggeration, I’m a veteran of the affiliate marketing industry. Started as an affiliate manager back in the days in one of the biggest international CPA networks, and been working in this field for around 7 years. If you think about any loud names in affiliate marketing, I either managed most of them or have been knowing them throughout my career. 

Worked with pretty much all of the existing affiliate marketing verticals and niches, alongside pubs with all the traffic sources. Nevertheless, I’m still constantly learning and evolving in terms of info, and ways of promotions, as in this industry if you stop even for a week, your knowledge is outdated. 

So as a result of this long-long journey, and as a logical next mature step, I decided to set up my own business delivering top-notch services to fellow affiliates.

As you’ve been in the industry for a while now, can you tell us a little more about your experience?

From the very beginning to this day, I have always worked with people, and I have always liked it. Therefore, in the field of the affiliate industry, I feel it is like a duck to water. Affiliate marketing is no different from regular marketing. Here, as in any other type of marketing, the main task is to sell beautifully and with high quality, to satisfy needs. To do this, it is enough to know the pains and final needs of your type of client/partner.

During my work in this area, there were many partners with whom we grew up and gained experience. Many of them have already bought their own houses and cars, moved to another country, moved to other industries, from individual affiliates, to create their own large media buying teams.

By understanding your partner’s needs, you can achieve great results together. 
I know not only how the CIS market behaves, but also the foreign one.

Now, when I’m traveling to Singapore, Spain, or Russia, I know that I am always expecting a cup of coffee. We can periodically meet with partners with whom we once worked together. Because over the years, I managed to build strong trusting relationships with them, which is very important in our field.

CMaffiliates is a one-year-old multi-vertical network. What are your top verticals right now and why?

Our main mission is to meet the needs of all partners, which is why we try to be broadly multi-vertical. But one way or another, the market dictates its own terms.

A good portion of our partners are from the CIS countries, therefore our top verticals are Gambling and Finance. Gambling in the CIS is oversaturated with offers and media-buying teams, and everyone has tried it or worked with gambling.

Nevertheless, we are actively onboarding advertisers from other niches to cover the needs of our potential partners from the west.

Right now there’s a lot of networks on the market. What is your distinguishing feature?

Yes, the market is full of CPA networks right now and the competition is crazy. Since we are a small ambitious team, our payouts and CRs are higher than those of other networks, and each new partner receives personal support. These are not just words on a banner or in a site description, we do mean it.

During the onboarding process, we ask a lot of questions, but this is only in order to find the perfect offer that will convert greatly for the partner.

You don’t have to play on an offer with high payouts, as everyone will have the same funnel. We love experimenters, underdogs who are not afraid to test new things and try themselves in new sources and funnels.

Tell me more about the CIS affiliate market, what the differences are, and what do we have the same with the European market?

Sure. Let’s take Nutra for instance — affiliates in the EU, US are used to Trial/SS flow, where the user submits CC at the end of the funnel.

In CIS most of the affiliates promote COD (cash on delivery) offers. The main point of COD is generating leads, instead of sales, which is easier to do, especially when one is driving traffic VIA API, and has the ability to customize one’s LP on his/her own. This way an affiliate can reduce the number of bans, and make Facebook accounts spend more, and also last longer.

Another great example is Gambling, HUUUUUGE vertical for affiliates here in CIS, millions of USD is earned. 

While Western partners promote this mostly with review, links, or SEO websites with Facebook, Google, and native sources partners in CIS promote this niche with apps. 

Basically, it’s a simple application that has a web view with a Gambling LP inside. 
Promoted with Facebook, Google (UAC), and TikTok. Also, allow accounts to spend more, and live longer. 

What offers do you have for the European affiliates?

Basically, we have absorbed everything that a typical CPA network has in terms of offers, so we can cater whatever affiliate needs, from Gambling/Crypto to easy convertible whitehat lead gen, you name, alongside the fact that we can share our knowledge and experience, makes us a very valuable partner so dear partner don’t be shy to reach out 😉

On top of that, we are not afraid to make an additional lap and get something no one else has to set up exclusively for one or two partners. That’s that sweet spot affiliates usually make loads of money with.

What is the benefit that you guys are bringing in for En Speaking affiliates around the globe?

In a nutshell, we help affiliates to expand their campaigns to a new level by sharing the mix of experience from the industry and from multiple partners. 

Over the years, we have noticed that affiliates in different parts of the world are promoting the same offerings in different ways, even if done using the same traffic source, and we are happy to share this knowledge with our fellow partners. 

CPA networks have traditionally been seen as intermediaries between publishers and advertisers, but we would like to go far beyond that and expand the role of traditional networks to the point where we are not only providing links and connecting the dots between one side and the other but are a valuable link in the exchange of knowledge and experience between partners from all over the world.

A precise example has been mentioned by me earlier in terms of the Gambling vertical.  
Affiliates from Asia, Europe, and the USA are usually promoting Gambling offers with links, SEO, or review websites. Which is extremely difficult nowadays. 

On the opposite side Affiliates from the CIS region (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) are using applications to do it. Which is way easier. Facebook and Google account last much longer, accounts spend way more funds.

And our value is simple — we guide affiliates and show them alternative ways of how to maximize their profits.

As has been said, all the profits and money are out of one’s comfort zone. 
So we are gladly sharing all the info alongside tools and methods of how to scale the campaigns, and dramatically increase profits. 

That appeals to the partners who are looking for something new, and are not afraid to do that extra lap to find a ‘’treasure island” at the end of their run 😉 

What are the most common traffic sources that your pubs use now?

Gambling — Facebook through Apps, UAC, TikTok;
Crypto —  from Google (search and GDM), and TikTok;
LeadGen (solar, insurance, HI, Mortgage, Financial) — Facebook, Google display, TikTok;
Sweeps — SMS, Facebook, Google;
Nutra — Facebook & TikTok.

Feel free to reach out for ways of promotion,  creatives, and landers 😉

The year is almost over, can you boast about the results and achievements of CMaffiliates throughout this period?

To be honest we exceeded our own expectations in terms of achievements, hehehe. 

We visited 8 or 9 conferences, sponsored one of the biggest Affiliate Conference in CIS — the leading affiliate marketing event that hosted 5000 attendees in 2 days of networking, added multiple whitehat offers. TBH the head goes round, but this only stimulates us for new goals and new heights to conquer.

We also have already thrown several closed parties for our trusted partners, and one is yet to come very soon. We’re now preparing a New Years’ party for our partners here in Kyiv, UA in  “The Hateful eight” style, a well-known Tarantino movie. So if you, by chance are visiting Kyiv (and we highly recommend visiting this city 🙂 ) you are welcome to swing by it. Of course, you need to register in advance as the number of partners is strongly limited, but we are always open to new connections. 

What markets are you guys aiming towards the closest time?

In terms of locations, we are trying to cover the markets that are not super widespread, which also regards the verticals and advertisers we are recently onboarding. We prefer to make an extra lap to bring our publishers the most up-to-date and best-converting products out there on the market. In terms of affiliate partners, we would like to connect with more of the ones from Asia, Latin America Europe, and the USA. So feel free to follow the link below, and register with us.

As we all know affiliate marketing is a very dynamic, and rapidly changing environment, from your point of view, and vast experience. Where is the industry going towards now, what are the verticals that are going to live and popular the most, and what is yet to come? 

The industry in general is going into regulated areas. Affiliate marketing is not the wild west it used to be, so we see a lot of whitehat offers popping out and doing major volumes, something like info-products and ecom, even crypto vertical is getting lots of regulated, compliant traffic.

Nevertheless, there are still literary tons of traffic within grey-hat: Gambling, Dating, Sweepstakes, etc. My guess is this is still something that is going to be around for another 3-5 years. 

Thank you Olha, I enjoyed this and I hope to see you soon at a conference again. All the best of luck with CMaffiliates!

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