Interview with Andreas Bischoff of TES Affiliate Conferences – July 2-5, 2021

Hi Andreas, How are you?  How are the preparations for the upcoming hybrid TES Affiliate Conference coming along?  And, given the current situation, how likely do you actually think that the conference will really be hybrid?  Will there really be a live component to the upcoming conference?  That sounds incredible giving the current situation.  What is your current best guess?

Hi, thanks for having me!  Things are going well.  No, actually, things are going fantastic.  The respective Andaluz and Spanish governments just confirmed to us that we will be allowed to host a minimum of 500 guests at our upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 2-5 July 2021 in amazing Marbella, Spain.  What better news could there be than that?

Why did you decide to host a hybrid conference now, when all the other virtual conferences are disappearing from the market?  Have you not seen that nobody is hosting virtual conferences any longer due to the loss-making nature of virtual conferences? 

Yes, Walter and I are aware that virtual conferences are a loss making business by nature.  Still we wanted to offer this as a service to the global affiliate community since no one else is stepping up to the plate currently.  You will remember that it seemed as if there was a virtual conference every week going on at the end of 2020.  Now, that all the organizers have had their chance to take a loss, it is time for Walter and me to step in  😊

Where will the live part of the hybrid TES Affiliate Conference be hosted?  And how does the preliminary schedule currently look like?  Will there also be parties as well?

The live part of the hybrid TES Affiliate Conference from 2-5 July 2021 in Marbella, Spain will be hosted outdoors (to keep everyone safe and relaxed) in the tropical gardens of the spectacular Don Carlos Resort & Spa in beautiful Marbella, Spain.  

Source: Image shows the beach club of the Don Carlos Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain.

The preliminary schedule looks amazing – and it is the strongest we have had in the past 12 years – by far.  You can already check it out here:  We have never ever had a lineup of speakers stronger in their respective fields than this time around!  Regarding parties we will take an educated decision last minute.

How many entrance tickets are you planning to sell for the live part of the conference?  And, what Covid-19 measures will be taken for the conference?  Will people for example have to wear a mask, or do social distancing, or need a vaccine passport or PCR test or corona quick test in order to join the hybrid TES Affiliate Conference in July 2021 in Marbella?

At the current moment we are planning to sell 500 entrance passes for the live part of our hybrid TES Affiliate Conference.  But this number might go up on June 21st, 2021 when we will receive the new maximum attendee numbers allowed from the respective Andaluz and the Spanish governments.  I do not know how things will look in the future since Andalusia is planning to drop all Covid-19 measures on June 21st, 2021 (when 70 percent of their population is expected to be vaccinated) but even currently you only need a valid PCR test and you are good to enter Spain.

Traveling during times like these can be really challenging, will you be able to provide attendees/participants with a visa invitation letter in order to help them ease their travel plans to Marbella in July 2021?

Yes, of course.  Walter and I will – as always – help our clients with whatever we can.  Obviously we will extend visa invitation letters to people who are in need of one, and hold a valid entrance  pass to the live part of the hybrid conference.

What will be the price for a live entrance pass?  And what will be the price for a virtual entrance pass?  And when will registration open?

The entrance passes for the live part of the hybrid TES Affiliate Conference will cost 399 Euro per person, and will go on sale on June 1st, 2021 at 08:30am Madrid time.  The virtual entrance passes for our hybrid TES Affiliate Conference are free until 19. May, 2021 and are already on sale here:  .  Afterwards the virtual entrance passes will go up and cost 29 Euros.  

Okay, this sounds very important.  Can you please repeat one more time when the live registration will open since this information seems to be of utmost importance for our listeners.

Yes, please set your alarm for 1. June 2021 at 08:30am Madrid time if you want to get your hands on one of the limited live entrance passes.  We do NOT expect that there will be sufficient entrance passes for everyone who would like to attend.

So, if I understand you correctly, you advise that people should NOT buy their flights and book their hotel rooms just yet?

No.  Do NOT book your flights and hotel rooms unless you actually hold a fully paid for entrance ticket for the live part of the hybrid TES Affiliate Conference in your hands!

At what rate are currently registrations coming in?

We had 500 registrations during the first 5 days.

How many live attendees do you expect to be physically present at the conference?  How many additional attendees do you think will join the conference virtually via the Internet?

We expect to host 500+ people live at the Don Carlos Resort & Spa.  Regarding the number of virtual attendees Walter and I got an internal bet going.  Walter says that there will be 3.000 virtual attendees.  I say that there will be 5.000 virtual attendees.  Historically speaking I tend to win such internal bets  😉

Okay, let’s that say you really manage to attract 3.000-5.000 attendees to your first hybrid TES Affiliate Conference – How on earth are those people going to be able to network, and to find each other?  Isn’t this just going to be one big mess, and highly ineffective for the attendees/participants and the sponsors?

Not at all.  That is why we chose the Brella platform to host our conference on (and not the Hopin platform).  People will be able to search exactly for what they are looking for.  For example something like “Payment provider for dating sites”, “Hosting provider for i-gambling sites”, “Publisher for Nutra offers”, etc., etc.  Then the system will be provided you will a list of potential leads – sorted by relevance to you.  Then you only have to click “set up a meeting” – and you are all done.  And the very best – all this business is completely free for you and your company if you register until June 5th, 2021 for free under 

Source:  Image shows an attendee who wants to network with an ad network from the e-commerce sector.

Sounds great.  So, people can already network and set up business meetings as we speak?

No.  Brella only allows us to open this feature 2 weeks prior to the actual conference dates.

With that being said, will this be the largest TES Affiliate Conference ever in terms of pure attendees/participants numbers?

For sure.  Easily.  We are already at over 1000 registrations as we speak.  And I would like to mention that those are real, really existing registrations of real people who are actually alive and kicking  😉  You can follow the daily registration process here for yourself:

The conference is scheduled for 2-5 July 2021, with the 4th of July being a huge holiday in the U.S.  Did you take this into consideration, and if so, how did you solve this huge dilemma?

No.  We did not.  At least at the beginning.  Amazingly Walter and I really overlooked this completely!  But, luckily our clients are watching our backs, and made us aware of our mistake.  Therefore the virtual part of the conference will now take place on July 2nd and July 3rd, 2021, and finish at 10:00am Los Angeles time, so that everyone in the U.S. can head out on July 3rd, 2021 for a nice 4th of July celebration lunch or a holiday with their loved ones.

Will there be any interesting speakers this time around?

Too many to tell you here.  That would need an entire new interview by itself.  But feel free to check out the amazing lineup which we managed to recruit already until now:  It is for sure the strongest speaker lineup we have been able to present during the past 12 years that our TES Affiliate Conference exists by now.

Okay, but you will have people from all around the world as well speaking at and also listening to the speeches this time.  How are you planning to cope with all those different time zones involved?

From 10:00am until 12:00noon Madrid time the speakers based in Asia and Australia will be on.  This is during their evening hours – but not at night for them.  So, all good.  From 01:00pm until 03:00pm the speakers based in Europe and Africa will be on.  That is problem free.  And from 04:00pm until 06:00pm the speakers based in the Americas will be on – which will be in the morning hours of the Americas, but not at night.  So, all good once again.

Can people still apply to become a speaker at your upcoming hybrid TES Affiliate Conference? 

You can.  But I cannot guarantee that there will still be a suitable timeslot available at this point in time.

To come back to what we spoke about at the very beginning of this interview, isn’t it extremely expensive to host a virtual conference?  Between the costs for the virtual platform, the live streaming production company, the live chat software for the Q and A’s, the live chat moderators, etc., etc. this must be a huge cost position.  How will Walter and you manage to not make a major loss on the virtual part of your hybrid conference?

We will not  😊  It is a calculated loss in order to keep the brand in the market, extend our international reach outside of Europe, and in order to give back to the global affiliate community.  Sometimes you have to take a calculated loss in order to make money in the future.

If one of our listeners now would like to support Walter and you in your grand effort to provide the industry with a solid virtual networking platform, are there still live and/or virtual sponsorships left, and if so what kind of sponsorships will be available for your hybrid TES Affiliate Conferences in July 2021 and September 2021?

Yes, there are still exhibition spaces for the live part of our conference available, and virtual booth for the virtual part of our hybrid TES Affiliate Conference in July in Marbella 2021 and in September 2021 in Prague available.  You can find them here:

Well, times are unpredictable, what if someone buys a sponsorship, but then is not allowed to travel to Spain in the end?  Or even worse, what if you have to cancel the entire conference last minute due to a new wave of Covid-19?  Will the sponsors then lose their entire investments?

No.  You will never lose any money with Walter and me!  Your funds are 100% protected by our amazing Covid-19 cancellation policy: 

If people now want to support and sponsor the conference, whom should they contact? 

I can be reached directly via [email protected] 

What else can our listeners do to support Walter and you? 

Talk about us.  Speak about us.  Mention us.  Recommend us to all your business friends.  That is how we have managed to grow the conference over the past 12 years from 250 attendees to now over 2.000 attendees per conference.  Positive word-of-mouth.  That is it.  Nothing more important to us than that.  If you like us, talk about us.  Mention us on your website, in your emails, on your social media channels, in your newsletters.  Say “Meet me at the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference” in the signature of your emails, in a social media threat, in one of your newsletters, in the “upcoming events” section of your website, etc., etc.  This is what really, really helps Walter and me the most in order to stay in business, and in order to grow the conference (and it is even “for free”).  Which is in the interest of everyone in the global affiliate industry.  More new people – more new business.  The more, the merrier.  It is as simple as that.  If you like small, family-style, mom-and-pop run conferences, and want to keep them in business – support them by spreading the word.  That is easy and does not cost you anything.  Thank you very much!

Will all TES Affiliate Conferences in the future have a hybrid conference format?

Unless we take an overwhelming loss this time around in Marbella in July 2021 on the virtual part of our hybrid conference, the answer is a clear yes.

Looking into the near future:  How do you see the upcoming TES Affiliate Conference from 10-13 September 2021 in Prague turn out?  Do you think a “normal” in-person conference will be possible to host by then again?

I expect us to be in the position to host a “close to normal” in-person conference again from 10-13 September 2021 in Prague.

What other interesting projects apart from TES do you have lined up in the pipe for our listeners?

Well, we are currently working on bringing TIG (“The Island Gathering”) back.  TIG is an exclusive CEO and company owner only VIP meeting which will be hosted on the amazing island of Curacao.  Besides that we are planning to take TES a little back to its base in the “online high risk industries” as the banks would probably call it, and create a new, more mainstream online advertising conference more targeted towards the “low risk online industries” – IF there is a demand for that in the global online advertising market.

Okay, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me.  I very much appreciate it.  Any last things you would like to share with our listeners?

Yes, please support us be talking about us, and please register for the virtual part of our conference – in the end you got nothing to lose – it is for free to register until June 5th, 2021.  See you all either virtual or in-person from 2-5 July 2021 at our hybrid TES Affiliate Conference in amazing Mabella, Spain.  Thank you for your continued support of our TES Affiliate Conferences! 

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