My name is Justine, I am a 29yo French lady. I’ve been taking care of the business development for Big bang ads for almost 5 years now. First in the EU, for our headquarter in Germany,  and now mostly looking after the APAC region (based in Singapore).  

I worked in this industry for already 7 years as I was working for a start-up in the lead gen business in France previously (but always on the advertiser side). 

Together with my colleague Vincent, we onboard the new affiliates for big bang ads, and help them to grow with our offers worldwide, making sure they understand the flow and run our best products successfully. Part of the job is also to travel to meet our current/new partners around the world. We, as “business development managers”, represent the company at events (online or offline).  We’re the “faces” of Big Bang Ads (a subsidiary of eGENTIC). 

What are the offers and countries that the affiliates can find on big bang ads? Are these “newbies  friendly”? 

Big Bang Ads is known as the leader of the sweeps (lead gen) industry. We do not provide any other vertical than sweepstakes, it is our core business. We are a direct advertiser and own the offers. 

Our sweepstakes are all SOI (single opt-in), meaning that they have an easy flow for the users to convert (no credit card requested, just some data required such as name, email, phone number…) and after the registration page, the pixel fired and the affiliate gets paid from us.

It is not expensive for an affiliate to invest in the traffic to start in this business compared to some other verticals, and they’ll see the results quite fast due to the easy flow. It is therefore very “newbie-friendly”. 

On Big Bang Ads, we propose mostly geos from EU and the APAC regions, but also ZA and BR.  

Our strongest countries worldwide are DE ES SG TW. These are therefore a safe choice to get started with us if you aren’t sure where to start from.  

You can also just focus on tier 2 / 3 geos if you don’t want to invest too much at first as this traffic is  the cheapest (PL, TH, MY….) 

Can a beginner get approved on Big Bang Ads? What advices would you give them to promote  your offers?  

On Big Bang Ads, we’re happy to approve anyone who’s interested to promote our offers (newbies or seniors) as long as that person knows what kind of product we propose and has a minimum of knowledge/strategy about how to promote them. Note that we do not educate the affiliates about  how to run sweeps step by step, but we are happy to help with some key advice along the way such  as:

– The best kind of traffic: I’d say push, display, or social! push would be easier for beginners but social provides the best quality for the advertiser as you can target the audience. – The best countries and the best / newest offers: we have a large amount of landing pages available (from smartphones to supermarket vouchers or baby products etc..). All are designed in-house and we are able to create any new prize you might need! 

The best advice we probably could give to an affiliate is to try and split test a maximum of landing pages in order to find their own “winning page” (it might not be the same offer for all the affiliates. It depends on their personal traffic and method!) and scale the volume up from that…  

You mentioned that you’re usually going to events, how do you guys adapt with the current  situation?  

Big Bang Ads’s parent celebrates its 20th birthday this year! It makes me feel like we can adapt to anything through time. 

The key of long-lasting success probably is to adapt properly our business to:  

The seasons = for instance, to propose some Chinese New Year / Christmas offers depending on the country/culture at the right time of the year… 

The new products of the market = like the iphone 10, iphone 11, iphone 12…  

Or the current affairs around the world such as political topics, sports events (Olympics, world cup)  etc. 

It’s all about being able to switch our obsolete landing pages to some new successful prizes. 

Nowadays we can’t go to physical conferences like we used to do (because of Covid). We do miss seeing our partners in real life, but we try then to be more present online through online conferences, social networks, cross-promotions like with ABC…  

That helps to make the balance. 

We are also always up for a video conference when needed to meet new affiliates 🙂 

If you’re interested to know more, get in touch with us and sign up now or skype : bba_02

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