5-years ago ABC started with the goal to connect more people around conferences and to have a go-to place no matter which conference you would go to. A safe haven where you know you will meet good people combined with some fun and pleasure…

Today, we want to announce that the ABC 1.0 era has come to an end and the end of the year 2021… So you might be wondering what this means, end of ABC 1.0? 

It means that it’s time for an ABC 2.0… with bigger, better events, stronger partnerships, and lifetime connections for you!

In the year 2022, we are planning to organise:
– 1 adventurous trip to the Dubai desert
– 2 of our own conferences which turn into a festival on the same location (Amsterdam and Cairo)
– 13 networking events which are mini meet markets around conferences.

First we’re starting off with the Affiliate Arabian Adventures 2.0 will be on the 27th of February, 1 day before Affiliate World Dubai. 

2 of our own conferences will touch base in September Amsterdam and October Cairo.. 

And last but not least, our signature networking events one day before the conference starts:

February 27
– Affiliate World Dubai
March 20 – Sigma Dubai 
April 5 – MAC Moscow
May 24 – Affiliate Summit NYC
June 13 – Kiev
July 5 – iGB Amsterdam
July 17 – Sigma Toronto
July 19 – Affiliate World Barcelona
July – Affiliate Summit Europe
August 21 – TES Prague
September – Kinza Moscow
October – Kinza Kyiv
December – Affiliate World Bangkok

Next week we’ll be announcing all the plans in more detail..


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