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Affiliate Business Club RoadMap

These are just estimates and development and will sometimes take longer than expected. We’ll do our best to keep this page updated as often as possible. We are always looking for your feedback on how you want your community to be.

Community Backend

  • Landing Page Integration Plugin
    • Create landing pages within our platform. Host and and allow members to create landing pages as well as get access to popular landing pages currently out.
  • Automatic Slack Invite
    • Users have to sign-up again to our slack channel. We want to create an automatic system when you sign up to ABC, you will get all the invites to all the other integrated systems such as our Slack community.
  • Basic Tracking Platform
    • Create a basic tracking platform for users. This will allow users to understand how campaigns work within a tracker and evolve on to a more sophisticated tracking platform for their campaigns.

Completed Timestamps

1 October 2020

Merge with ADvengers

Ian Fernando has created a community for affiliate marketers. We found our visioned aligned and decided to merge with ADvengers Online with Affiliate Business Club. Read More Here.

1 October 2020
23 October 2020

Fresh Release of ABC Newsletter

We have rebooted the ABC Newsletter and getting good feedback from our prior members. Always making sure we deliver the content the online marketing community wants.

23 October 2020
24 October 2020

ADvenger Merge Completed

All of ADvengers assets have merged with Affiliate Business Club. A content strategy has been setup to make sure we deliver content to you.

24 October 2020
1 November 2020

Alpha Release Invites Sent

First set of invites have been sent to a selected list. We look for feedback from users and what they want to see. We have fully released a social community and as well as the learning backend.

1 November 2020