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DigiWorld Partners provides premium adult dating traffic to media buyers on a CPC basis – sources you won’t find on the big networks. We work directly with publishers of email, sms, push and members area traffic.

Working with our traffic formats couldn’t be simpler: provide budget, daily cap, targeting options and a link – no creatives!

The publishers we work with in adult dating take care of all creatives. You pay for the clicks.

Catering to direct advertisers and super affiliates, the DigiWorld Partners ad network offers a variety of options to help advertisers maximize the ROAS of their campaigns.

Email traffic

One of the most coveted traffic sources that you can buy for adult dating is email. DigiWorld Partners has over 500K email clicks available per day covering US DE UK CA AU and more geos.

Many email pubs we represent offer email passing on the click which helps advertisers find the right home for a user in real-time, providing an increase in overall EPC when used correctly.

Pubid is another popular data point for which media buyers can optimize with. Often overlooked but quite powerful, many of our pubs offer frequency capping. The default is to have 1 click / user in a 24 hour period. But this can be changed 2/14, 1/48, 1/72, 1/week, 1/month – all depending on the publisher’s capabilities.

SMS traffic

One of the hottest sources of premium adult dating traffic these days is SMS. DigiWorld Partners currently offers SMS traffic in the US and CA, with other geos expected in the near future.

We also offer SMS traffic in the US for Financial offers. Verticals include: loans, insurance, real estate, surveys and credit score trials.

Other popular types of adult dating traffic

Push, Chat, Secondary Offer and Backbutton traffic are all popular traffic types offering volume and quality.

Geos covered are US UK CA AU NZ DE ES FR IT and RU. Some of our larger sources offer pubid as an optimization data point.

Affiliate Network

DigiWorld Partners as a private affiliate network caters to super affiliates for Dating and Cams verticals.

We’ve used our 16 yrs + experience of converting traffic to create exclusive SOI & PPS offers and flows that generate competitive EPC’s for your traffic.


As an agency, we cater to direct advertisers. Here we build approximately 400 sites and landers per year. 

We drive PPC traffic via Google, FB, Bing and more. And we drive traffic via SEO covering link building, articles, videos – just about any type of content relevant to grow organic traffic.


A Brief Background of Nigel Williams, Owner of DigiWorld Partners.

He has  been in the affiliate marketing space for adult and mainstream since 2005. Having built 3 ad networks, he is quite familiar with monetizing all types of traffic in many verticals. 

Nigel has been frequently invited to tradeshows to talk about all topics related to paid traffic.

Feel free to contact Nigel on Skype / Telegram – DigiNige, or at DigiWorld

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