WOW TRK is not another affiliate network. It’s a free comprehensive comparison tool that lets publishers find the best offers for their websites without having to search through dozens of different networks. 

Even if you have found the offer you’re looking for, you may not be getting the best rate. But with WOW TRK, you can quickly see which network will pay you the most.

WOW TRK has more than 10,000 offers from 30 different networks for affiliate marketing companies to take advantage of. Want to find out more about how it can help you find the best offers? Read on…

How it Works

As the affiliate marketing industry matures, we’re seeing more and more networks pop up. Keeping on top of them all can be time-consuming and quite a chore. That’s where WOW TRK comes in.

It works just like any other comparison service you may have used for insurance, holidays, or loans. You enter the criteria that you’re looking for and the site will show you a list of results. 

You can search by keyword, category, affiliate network, and country. You can then sort the results by when it was last added/updated and the payout rate, which makes it easy to find fresh offers to add to your site or select the ones that will maximise your profits. 

What Affiliate Networks Are Available?

Affiliate network comparison tools don’t work unless they include offers from a wide variety of quality networks. WOW TRK has thought about this, which is why it’s integrated with some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Affiliate Future, Lemonads, Monetise, and Paid On Results. 

Of course, it’s not exhaustive, you’ll find plenty of networks that aren’t on WOW TRK, but many of the biggest and best are available, which is probably all you need anyway. The company also says that it’s constantly working on adding more networks, which will make its search tools even more powerful. 

What Affiliate Offers Can You Find on WOW TRK?

Whatever your niche, you’ll likely find offers for you on WOW TRK. There are almost 30 different categories to choose from, covering everything from sweepstakes to iGaming. It’s got a good mix of CPA/CPL offers, as well as plenty of commission-based retail/shopping campaigns

It doesn’t shy away from adult and dating niches either, you’ll find more than 900 of these available in the vast majority of countries and territories around the world. 

Again, it’s not an entirely exhaustive list that covers the entire affiliate marketing industry, but almost everyone will be able to benefit from its extensive catalogue of affiliate campaigns. 

Who is WOW TRK For?

WOW TRK caters to just about every type of affiliate out there, no matter whether you’re just starting out, an industry veteran, or a large company. 

Because it compares offers from so many different networks, in just about every niche, and for almost every country, you’ll almost certainly be able to take advantage of its offering. 

In addition to its powerful search tools, WOW TRK offers guides and other resources to help affiliate marketing beginners find their feet in the industry. 

Whatsmore, WOW TRK is completely free to use. You don’t even need to create an account, just simply head to the website and start searching. 

Maximising Your Affiliate Revenue with WOW TRK

WOW TRK isn’t just great for finding new offers to publish on your site. It also helps affiliates to maximise their earnings by finding the same or similar offers with higher rates from other networks. 

It’s quite common to find a campaign on several networks, but it’s quite the chore to manually search to see which one pays the most. WOW TRK makes this effortless by allowing affiliates to quickly see where they’ll receive the most commission. 

Conclusion: Is WOW TRK Worth It?

WOW TRK is free to use, contains a comprehensive catalogue of campaigns from many of the biggest affiliate networks, and caters to almost all niches and regions. 

Sure, it doesn’t list every offer from every network in the world, but it gets close enough. That makes it a very powerful tool for affiliates of all sizes and experience levels. And since it’s free, what do you have to lose?

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