Zeropark is a self-serve ad exchange platform that has been around since 2011. It’s one of the industry-leading traffic sources that’s just impossible not to know. They are a big ad network with a lot of traffic, but are they still good enough to join in 2022?

Zeropark Ad Network Features

Zeropark offers huge inventories of pop, push, and domain redirect traffic. The volumes of monthly available clicks and views are some of the biggest in the industry and the quality does not disappoint. Besides the most obvious features that you’d expect from an ad network, Zeropark offers various innovative solutions.

Sleek User Interface

The interface is user-oriented and allows for flexibility in tracking and viewing your data. There is a reason you’ll find the ZP interface mentioned in most of the reviews out there – it really doesn’t leave much to be desired. It’s intuitive, fast, and pleasant to the eye – almost makes you want to run more campaigns! 

Anti-fraud Solutions

Although fraudulent bot traffic has its ways to sneak into any network, Zeropark offers both manual and automated anti-fraud solutions to minimize the chances of that ever occurring. If something does slip through, you’ll be the first to know as Zeropark makes sure to refund you for any suspicious traffic before you even notice.

Rule-based Optimization

With Zeropark you don’t have to worry about using third-party optimization software because you’ll find a perfectly capable tool right inside the advertiser dashboard. Rule-based optimization allows you to set a bunch of IF-THEN logical conditions to control your traffic automatically when you’re away. It’s a perfect way of keeping an eye on your campaigns without having to spend hours in front of your computer. The only downside is that to enable rule-based optimization, it is required to use a tracker and pass conversion data back to Zeropark.

Extensive Targeting Options

Zeropark offers three ad formats – pop, push (including in-page push), and domain redirects. For domain and push, you can launch a standard RON (Run-of-Network) campaign, a well-targeted source or target campaign, or a multi-geo campaign. There is both adult and non-adult traffic and the granular targeting options allow you to target specific keywords, cities, devices, carriers OSes, OS versions, and in the case of push notifications, device language. 

You can also set a conversion cap, in case your offer has one as well. 

In-panel Marketplace

Zeropark has a DEALS tab and an Offer Wall inside the Advertiser’s Dashboard. If you’re looking for a new tool to try you can find sweet deals for trackers, spy tools, lander builders, and community forums right in your ZP dashboard. Additionally, Offer Wall brings you exclusive bonuses for the most popular affiliate networks and programs. You don’t have to look long if you need a specific affiliate marketing tool or a new offer, Zeropark will hook you up with free months of subscriptions, payout bonuses, and discounts. 

Easy Onboarding

Onboarding in Zeropark is smooth and easy. They have a ton of resources including YouTube tutorials, blog articles, case studies, and, what possibly surprised us the most is if you’re interested in running a particular vertical they offer new affiliate marketers PDF starter packs that include all the information you need to succeed in that vertical with Zeropark’s traffic. Additionally, all new customers are assigned with a dedicated Onboarding Manager that guides you through the platform on an individual call. 

Best performing verticals in Zeropark

Zeropark’s traffic is seasonal so there are clearly visible spikes in performance in some verticals such as dating and adult around Valentine’s day, or sports betting around the Super Bowl and other big sporting events. 

However, there are plenty of verticals that perform well all year round so our top picks would be: 

Zeropark shares their top-performing GEOs and verticals through their Traffic Insights Newsletter so if you want a steady supply of whitelists, you can sign up and get them straight to your inbox.

Are there any disadvantages to using Zeropark?

What some people might treat as advantages might not be helpful to everyone. Despite the many positives, we want to mention two drawbacks of choosing Zeropark as your traffic source.

Zeropark has huge amounts of traffic. We really mean it… HUGE. So, if you’re only just starting you will have to wade through high amounts of mismatched traffic before you find a chunk that matches your campaigns. While this much traffic is certainly helpful for people who chose to run their offers in almost entirely obscure GEOs, it prompts most beginners to employ an aggressive blacklisting strategy.

Also, Zeropark splits its traffic into Premium and Standard tiers, however, in the case of push traffic it’s not possible to target by subscription age. It’s still possible to receive a whitelist with the youngest subscribers but in order to get it, you have to message the support team or chat up your personal account manager. 

Is Zeropark worth joining in 2021?

Yes, Zeropark is definitely one of the best traffic sources out there. It’s a high-quality self-service advertising network that has something for everyone. 

If you’re a beginner you will appreciate the resources they offer as well as the helpful support team. You can always ask them for a whitelist or campaign optimization tips. If you need personal help, you can schedule a call with the onboarding manager and get help setting up your account and launching your first campaign.

The ad formats Zeropark offers are perfect for advertising all kinds of offers, from sweepstakes with vouchers or electronics as a prize, to the gambling vertical, trading and financial offers to men’s health products and adult advertising. 

Although there is a lot of traffic, it can be easily controlled by setting up rule-based optimization (however this requires an investment in a tracker)

If you’re interested in scaling your campaign then Zeropark is the perfect platform. The huge volumes of traffic make it possible to scale campaigns in even the smallest GEOs. So, if you’re looking to scale a successful campaign that gets too little traffic in another network that might be possible in Zeropark.

Check out Zeropark for yourself & Get your BONUS

If you’re curious about the platform but don’t want to commit just yet, Zeropark offers a publicly available demo of the platform. You can go through the campaign creation process and check out the stats on your dashboard. You can also see how rule-based optimization works. 


If you’re curious about volumes and prices, there is a traffic calculator that lets you estimate what amounts of traffic to expect and at what cost. You can check volumes by ad format, GEO, and keywords.


Do you like the platform so far? Would you like to join? That’s great because we have a special offer for you. If you use the code “ABC_10” while registering you’ll get an additional 10% added to your first top-up. Overall, we highly recommend checking out the platform and putting the extra credits to good use. 

Start earning with Zeropark now!

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