6 Parts of the Affiliate Business Club to Learn From

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Here at the Affiliate Business Club, we want to take learning and asking to a new level. Our goal is to create an organized knowledge with a community of peers.

The goal of this list to get focus on your goals when creating online revenue. There is a lot of information out there to learn from, but I believe they are all scattered. I myself find so many interesting topics but I only act on maybe 1% of the information I consumed.

So how do we tackle this overloaded information out there? We segment them in a community of our peers. I am going to break down the multiple aspects of our community and how you can gather the information for your own campaigns.

Community Chat

Our community chat is on the popular platform, Slack. It is a channel where we discuss anything marketing base on traffic topics. This is a more real-time discussion group. For example, if you are running campaigns and you need quick input about your campaign, this chat is perfect as there is someone that can help you out with your scenerio.

We decided to work with Slack because it will remove any old messages. Marketing is always changing and we do not want anyone to get unrelatable information about every changing role of marketing algorithms. Slack is free to all registered users. Just sign up here.

Community Feed

Our community feed shows you what is happening around the community from posts, comments, to courses being completed. You can see what your peers are up to. We hope this feed helps encourage you to do more. We have the activity feed because others’ success is your success. It allows you to keep moving forward rather than being held back.

You can see who completed a guide, see what forums have been started, etc. You can even just post your current status and mood in real-time.

Marketing Library

The courses section of our backend is our library. The goal of our marketing library is for you to go and chose a topic as if you are ready to check a book out of an actual library. The concept with this is to be able to be hyper-focus on the topic and learn that one item, rather than learn everything.

We live in a world of hyper information, If we can hone in on the topic you truly want to learn and be the best at it then we want to help in that aspect. We live in an overwhelming topic of information, watch youtube discussion here, our gial is to make it more hyper focus.

Focus Groups

Being hyper-focused, we have groups where it is focusing on just a certain topic. This works in 2 ways groups vs forums. Groups are more about having shared interests which allow quick bites of information. A forum within the group becomes more hyper-focus where you can discuss a case study, a topic, a strategy more in-depth.

Again, our plan is to be hyper-focus on your learning curve. By continuously segmenting the categories, we hope you are gathering the information you need to be successful. This is why we have discussions within the groups. 

The biggest problems with groups are they are generic discussions. It is hard to be hyper-focus on the topic, and a group discussion can be pushed down and be lost in the activity feed.

By having another layer of the discussion topic, we hope to get you focuses on the strategy and goals of your campaigns.

Relatable Conversations

Another extension is our conversation podcast. These are podcasts and conversations where we talk about topics that are happening in the industry. The best part about these conversations is that they are open ended. We are technically ‘shooting the shit’. 

Meaning we just talk it out and discuss the pros and cons and literally have a constructive argument about the industry. This is important because there are different views on life, exactly the same thing with marketing. Strategies vary from one person to another. With these conversations, we want to open your mind and eyes to what is possible and what is currently happening in the world of direct response marketing. Listen Here.

Weekly Marketing CatchUp

Newsletter is gaining popularity and here at Affiliate Business Club, we want to give you the information that we think is important to your campaigns. For example, if you are in the marketing space, you are probably keeping up with the traditional news. We want to give you more strategies and topics that are being discussed around the internet.

For example, topics from Reddit, Quora, Medium, etc. There are so many other amazing newsletters out there that give you updates on the internet world. We want to be more focused on open-ended strategies because consuming these types of information is critical to your critical thinking… SignUp Here.

The reason why we do this weekly is we do not want to bombard you with too much information, you are probably signed up to a ton of newsletters already and we just want to be your weekly catchup of conversations happening around the internet.

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