Traffic Company is a CPA network based in the northern part of the Netherlands with around 8 (!) years experience in the marketplace. Their core business is the monetization of mobile traffic. 

Generally, the company is known for their in-house mobile content (vas) offers with 1-click and pin flows. Over the years the landscape of online mobile marketing changed a lot and with that, regulations became more strict. Because of that, Traffic Company needed to anticipate on those developments which led them to evolve into a real CPA network where they connect demand and supply. 

The benefit of being a network is that it provides you a lot of insight in the market, which helps you to not only understand the market, but also to see in which direction the market is moving. In addition, one of the USPs of Traffic Company versus other networks is that apart from the fact that it’s a performance network, they are also direct advertiser. 

Therefore, publishers are directly connected to the product-owner which will give them a big advantage in terms of higher pay outs, better communication, and more flexibility!

Last year Traffic Company launched something new next to their mobile content offers, which is called ‘Click to Call’. These Click to call campaigns are pure 1-click flow offers where there is only 1-click needed in order to convert. Currently they have several verticals up and running with this new flow such as sweepstake, adult and antivirus. Push, pop, social – all do the trick as long as its no bot and the pay out model is based on revenue share which means the longer the call, the higher the pay out! 

The phone numbers that Traffic Company uses for these services can be burned quite fast and thanks to a super smart algorithm behind it, burned numbers will immediately be replaced by a fresh one in case this happens. This new phone number could have another rate, which in turn can affect the ECPM, however, Traffic Company has responded very cleverly to this by developing a Click to Call Performance API which updates every 15 min (24/7) displaying the most recent ECPM score. 

The more advanced users even created a tool where they switch campaigns on and off automatically based on the recent ECPM from the API. This gives them a huge advantage over the competition and by working this way, publishers can focus more on creatives and further campaign optimisation. 

But don’t you worry, if you don’t have the resources to develop this software by yourself and you just want to make the best ECPM out of your traffic, then Traffic Company is able to offer you a smart link as well. The implementation is super simple, cause you can just use one tracking link to cover your worldwide traffic and the algorithm of Traffic Company makes sure you will be send to the best performing offer for your traffic. 

This algorithm uses parameters such as: country, device, connection type, carrier, etc. in order to decide which offer will be most suitable in order to make that conversion happen.

Next to that, Traffic Company has integrations with the most known tracking platforms to make sure you will receive all conversions in your own tracker. If you have your own custom tracker: No problem! They also make use of postback / S2S (server to server). 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up right away and make those numbers hit the roof!

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