Win a Porsche Taycan 4S, a 6 Month Contest by ClickDealer Nitro

It is here. The affiliate race of a lifetime. The no-holds-barred competition with six-figures in the rules and luxury cars on the line. The all-encompassing six-month contest we have been preparing you all this time for. Welcome to ClickDealer Nitro!

Get your foot on the gas pedal and prepare to floor it, because it’s all about speed. ClickDealer Nitro runs from January 18th to July 18th, and in that timeframe you need to amass revenue and snatch prizes before anyone else can. The amount of prizes for each reward tier is limited. Which of our offers count towards your contest revenue? All of them. So, once again, prizes are limited, offers are not. 

Besides the prizes, for each $100k revenue you make during the contest, you can purchase a flag. At the end of the contest, we will hold a raffle for a Porsche Taycan 4S, where all the purchased flags will act as lottery numbers. The more flags you get, the higher your odds are of pulling a winning number. The more volume you run during ClickDealer Nitro’s timeframe, the more flags you can purchase. Once again, it’s all about speed.

That was a quick crash course on the main rules of ClickDealer Nitro. Click HERE to get to the page where you can sign up for the contest, if you are our partner already. If you are not ClickDealer affiliate yet, you can also sign up there and take part in the contest after the approval

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