Cookieless Tracking, What is becoming of Affiliate Click Tracking?

Click tracking is evolving and there are some concerns affiliates want to discuss which I think is important to touch upon. For example, what is click tracking? Why is it important?

Today’s guest we have Laurent from AnyTrack. We talk about the evolution of affiliate click tracking and how it is evolving in a more sophisticated internet. As ad recommendations get more specific and privacy becomes more prominent, how do we properly measure ROI?

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Laurent discussed the rise of privacy and the new clean click tracking, we also go in-depth on how to utilize proper affiliate networks which are more sustainable than other offers.

The other great discussion we had was, what is the best way to do tracking? The reason is that tracking can get very complicated for a newbie. With the evolution of pixels and retargeting, we get into how we can just use a single script and all variables are passed through to both pixels as well as postbacks.

Enjoy the episode and make sure to leave any comments below.

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