Information Overload – How to Navigate Through an Abundance of Information Gurus

In our first ABConversation Podcast, we talked about the new age of information and what I personally experienced when I first started online. There was so little information that you trusted anyone that knew something, BUT now there is too much information.

So who do you trust? What websites are real? What information can you rely on? In this first episode, we get into a solid discussion on how we grew as affiliates and how to take on an ever-growing internet.

With the growing internet, so called experts are now trying to get your attention to sell your high ticket courses. Sure there are some legit ones, but a majority are not even that good at their skill.

Most experts make more money in selling information than actually doing it on their own. The question that always comes up is

Why would someone teach rather than just do it on their own?

The answer is easy, it is because information sells. We live in an instant gratification world where finding a date is now easier than walking up to a potential mate. Where the magic pill can help lose weight and one key trick that can help you generate income online by tomorrow.

Hope sells.

This is why information is like digital gold. We try to help you navigate through these as more and more gurus are now online selling you everything. Just think about it, Udemy is a huge website with tons of digital content and are crushing it online right now.

They provide you the information you are looking for. Gardening, they have it. How to start public speaking, done. This is why ABC is your go-to for online marketing. We want to be your social learning source.

Hope. you enjoy our first podcast and if you want to know more topics make sure to post in our Slack Chat!

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